Creating Content for Kids

While trying to explain what is my passion, I came upon an article that gave me an epiphany.  As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) I read one of my fellow members describe his role in this changing media landscape.  He said he is “creator of content for children”.

I believe he was mostly thinking about devices manufactured for our use.  While I am planning to keep up with what is out there-E books and apps–I wanted to go beyond things made for us.  Some of us have the creative energy  and/or  time to make personal materials for the children in our lives so that we can tell them stories.

My handy dandy computer dictionary’s #1 definition of ‘story’ is “an account of real or imaginary people and events told for entertainment”.  Well, hopefully we will entertain and not bore children.  But the dictionary editors quickly make it clear in the following definitions that the Middle English word denotes an historical account.  So when I write about stories, I don’t just mean ‘make believe’.  I also mean the stories that share what we believe.

Here I will be posting pages of content created for kids and by kids.  We can teach them what we believe through stories–but we can also listen as they tell us their stories.


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