Biography Book Reviews

 A well told narrative can make a real person come to life! 

You can quote me on that one!  (I sound like Gracie Burns with that comment. And of course, that reference dates me. )

But seriously, no matter if the person is dead, it can be a resurrection of sorts to make this person live on in a biography.  The words can make a reader see what they saw.  Feel what they felt.  You  are there and no longer separated by years.  Time and place no longer matter.

That sounds more like fiction, I suppose.  But for me, biographies have  a special place in my heart.  All through my life I have had seasons where I found myself learning from another person’s trials.  Call  it living vicariously if you will, but isn’t reading a piece of fiction often the same thing?  We can only live one life but I can learn from how others spent their time while passing through.

The biography book reviews on this blog are all ones for children.  They are picture books so the art work is just as important as the words.  As my BA is in Fine Art, I will comment on the illustrations as well.


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