Two by Deborah Hopkinson

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sky boys how they built the Empire State Building

Deborah Hopkinson 2006   75th anniversary of the iconic building

James E Ransome-illustrator
Random House Schwartz and Wade books
Tell the story through the narrative of a boy who’s father is out of work in the depression. The race to build it.
Ages 4-9
Real photos on the inside face pages.

The Humble bee Hunter by Deborah Hopkinson 
Illustrator Jen Corace
Ages 4-8
Darwin with his family. 
Starts with Etty not wanted to make honey cake but to be outside.
Through the eyes of Etty and she tells of wanting to be with Dad. Not identifying who he is. He tells the children gathered about his travels and what he collected.
He still collects. 
Mostly he collected questions!
Love that line!
We grew up asking…
Names her siblings as she talks about their experiments.
They counted and poked. They gathered and measured.
Dusted flour on a bee to see how many times the bee stops at flowers.
Counting one two three..different siblings shown following their bees and counting.
Just ends with the highest number 21 and the next page good with bee on flower and the word STOP.
One page of background information.



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