Hand over the Handel book (cause I know what I like, too!)

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Handel Who Knew What He Liked
By MT Anderson and Kevin Hawkes
Candlewicke Press Cambridge MA
Boston Globe Horn book award winner for non fiction
Author tells us in book flap front cover that Handel always knew what He liked and He was never afraid to do what he liked.
Lively illustrations that capture the time period.
Notes along the way to define what may be unfamiliar terms.
Some notes are tidbits of trivia: Orchestra led by the person playing the harpsichord instead of by a conductor with a baton.
Example of humor from author’s own words: Handle was an unusual boy. Not everyone has the courage to smuggle a clavichord past their parents.
Besides humor the author tells the truth about Handel’s feelings (Mattheson is a pain) and his failures-maybe more like a setback. His desire to bring Italian opera to the English. He felt like a failure. But one last assignment for Irish orphans kept him from going home to Germany. The story of this piece-well I don’t want to spoil it but go read for yourself.

Two pages in the back chronology of his life and discography. Also suggestions for further reading.


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