Author Michelle Markel calls these books an ‘introduction’

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

These are quick notes I made as I was summing up how this genre is assembled.

Dreamer from the Village the story of Marc Chagall
By Michelle Markel and illustrator Emily Lisker 
Henry Holt And Company
Michelle provided 2 pages of notes in the back.
Note that most of the info came from his autobiography.
And she gave page and a half with expanded details of his timeline.
And a short glossary of four Jewish words.
A copy of one of his paintings courtesy of MOMA.
1250 words

The Day glo brothers the true story of Bob and Joe Switzer’s bright ideas and brand new colors
By Chris Barton and illustrator Tony Persiani
Publisher Charlesbridge
Nice story of how the colors came to be through the story of the two brothers.
At the back are some explanations.
How does regular fluorescence work?
How does daylight fluorescence work?
Author’s note tells how the author came to this story. Reading obit and then finding family members to tell him more.
Both were already dead.
Family willing to share their original notes and letters.
2000 words

The author tells five other sources.
A self published book by their family friend.
Patent office.
US Army historical office in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
A friend identified by name.
The original Popular Science article.


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