Action Jackson (Pollock, that is!)

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Action Jackson 
By Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan
Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker (he actually knew Jackson)
Roaring Book Press 2002
Back pages a biography 2 pages with photos of the artist/paintings.
2 pages of notes and sources quotes from radio interview and other biographies for every page from this picture book.
1 page of bibliography.

On the dedication page the authors say some is imagined.
We don’t know if events were exactly as we have described but many first hand accounts of the summer 1950.   And of course the way he walked and talked dressed and especially the way he painted.

Excellent use of descriptive language to engage the readers’ senses.

To tell his story they focus on the creation of one work. To set the stage they show a his habits of relating to the world around him.
His animals-the dog Gyp and the crow Caw Caw
His work environment. Colorful language with adjectives perfect for the noun they are matched with.

Gray weathered barn used to be filled with rusted machinery, old fishing gear, and broken tools. Now…

Sunlight pokes through cracks in the boards, and flies buzz in the dusty studio air.
Sliding doors rattle on their frames.

Authors want to show how his work was unique and how people reacted to it.

Page 7 ‘some artists…not Jackson.’
Using description of his work to tell us more about his life history.

‘He wants his paintings to be big, big as the sky out West where he grew up, flat as the marshland behind the house.’

His process
Page 7
‘He sits, silent, on the floor, staring at the blank canvas.’


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