Carrie and Mark introduce us to Sara Emma

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sara Emma Edmonds Was a Great Pretender 
The True Story of a Civil War Spy
By Carrie Jones
Illustrations by Mark Oldroyd
Ages 7-11
Carolrhoda Books
A Division of Lerner Publishing Group
241 First Ave North Minneapolis, MN 55401
Copyright 2011
One page Author’s note includes one photo with permission grated by privileges.
Four selected biographies for source material.
One from 1865 the others 1988,1999, and 2005

Really like the artwork. Does not say his medium. Looks like pastels with a wash underneath?
His use of white and black/gray to make things stand out-great!
The story telling is fine. Carrie keeps bringing in the reality that being a pretender was how Sara survived and at times thrived.
It was her way of living in a world where she was excluded on the basis of gender. Her pretending at first was only about herself but as the war came,  she could help others by pretending. Becoming a spy came about when she figured she could keep soldiers from dying as her buddy James Versey had.
Carrie made the story more conversational; for example,  at one point: ‘Frank’s-I mean Sarah’s -mission…’
Carrie acknowledge that it is confusing at times. Once she spied on the confederates disguised as a female peddler: she is a woman (Sarah) pretending to be a man (Frank) pretending to be a woman (Bridget).



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