I had never heard of Jonah Winter!

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

But now Jonah is one of my favorite authors.  Read these quick notes I dashed off.

You never heard of Sandy Koufax?
Jonah Winter and illustrator Andre Carrilho
2009 Schwartz and Wade books imprint of Random House
Wow! Only the best biography written for kids I have ever read that was a real page turner.
Love the voice. I hear the Brooklyn accent of the narrator, Jewish too!
And the illustrations are so hard hitting like the opposing teams could hit if Sandy were not on the mound.
Glossary in the back of Baseball terms.
Clever side bars of Baseball statistics.
With a disclaimer at the end about statistics being “interpreted differently by different fans and scholars.”
1500 words

A Nation’s Hope
The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis
Matt De La Pena and illustrator Kadir Nelson
2011 Dial books for Young Readers
Division of Penguin Young Readers
Illustrator is a Caldecott winner and it shows!
Oil paintings on wood capture the old timey feel of the 1930’s.
Story telling is perfect to tell of the historic fight between the black American and the German representing the Nazi regime of white supremacy.
And how for a short time it brought Americans together-whether Black of white.
No glossary. A little over 1000 words.


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