I am thankful for Laurie Halse Anderson and Matt Faulkner!

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Thank you, Sarah The woman who saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson illustrator Matt Faulkner
Ages 5-10 Biography of Sarah Hale
Simon and Schuster 2002
Love the book flap description in front!
Very well written!
‘To Alyssa Eisner who knows a good idea when she sees one’- the dedication from author.
She asks a question right away but it works.
She has started the conversation with the reader.
Imagine this. It is true! Almost lost Thanksgiving. Humor shows with man in front of tv with remote but announcement reading no football. Way, way back when skirts were long and hats were tall…needed a superhero. No not that kind..pictures of Thanksgiving day possible mascots/superheroes.
Keeps on talkin’. Like I know what you are thinking… Never underestimate dainty little ladies.
Listing her accomplishments and there were many-and what storytelling!  She had a secret weapon. The big reveal-it was a pen!
Love the illustration-she and her children protesting with signs. ‘It’s thanksgiving do you know where your turkey is?’
She wrote letters…articles. Her readers picked up their pens and wrote too!
Great illustrations!!
The large ink bottle.  Women holding a giant quill like a battering ram! The buildings of state houses looking like a person frowning, daring the women. Words around the building which should have names of counties, etc..they read ‘go away, we’re busy’.
Made progress as states got on board but Sarah wanted one day set aside nationally! As she approaches each president they are large and she is small standing on a quill reading her letter. They shut their eyes and plug their ears to ignore her!
Buchanan had other things in his mind graphically seen by people from two camps climbing on top of his head to argue and picket with their signs-North vs South.
“Sarah felt like the stuffing had been kicked out of her”
War! Some states changed their mind about celebrating Thanksgiving!
She contacted Lincoln and waited. “With war, we need it more,” she said. He said YES-all caps and bold and repeated!
It took her 38 years, thousands of letters and countless bottles of ink. She saved it for all of us. Last page with a very large multi cultural spread reads ‘thank you, Sarah!’
Four pages of background information about the history of the day and more about Sarah.
Sarah wrote ‘Mary had a little lamb’.
She did not support the women’s movement but she did want women educated to raise children and to help a husband.
Lengthy list of selected sources.


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