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January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

At today’s SCBWI regional meeting I sat next to first timer Marcus. (Men are in short supply in our society of children’s book and illustrator meetings.  But they are awesome just the  same.  A man who wants to create content for children, well, that guy is something special.)   Marcus is like me, middle aged but with a love for children and the importance of story telling.  Marcus shared how he has written a couple of picture books but would like to join a critique group to get feedback.   So I volunteered to be part of the critique group that may be restarted since we both live in Fort Worth.

I also met another male newcomer, Robert  from Garland.  I remember his name because it is the same as my son and my husband.  But even if his name had been Fred hopefully I would have remembered just because his name tag got stuck on the wooden floor.  By coincidence, Marcus and I had joked earlier  about how quickly the self sticking rectangles come off  while this one was stubbornly sticking to the floor!

I want to help the young illustrator since I often act like I am everyone’s mom.  I approach Robert as he tries to scratch the sticker off the floor and I offer my long fingernails to help.  He looks up at me through his retro eyeglasses and says “Mine are long,too.”  Okay, I think and then say out loud how I can get a Mr Clean Magic Eraser from my car. (It just so happens that later that day I am planning to help my young Robert move from one apartment to another so I have cleaning products in my car.)

When I return with the moistened sponge/cleaner he is almost finished.  He graciously accepts my offering to rid the floor of the final residue.  The next exchanges sound like we are in a commercial.  I am listing all the uses of this German made product.  He and his female friend are both interested in all the ways you can use it and how it doesn’t include cleanser.  It makes us laugh when we realize how this sounds.

Thank you, Marcus and Robert for joining us today.  Welcome to our creative community for children!  You will fit right in!


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